We take great pride in being the best provider of Calgary Hardwood Flooring . Our knowledge and experience in the art and science of installing, sanding and refinishing hardwood floors is at the highest level and what sets us apart.

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Solid hardwood floors are specifically designed to be refinished multiple times. The process of refinishing an old floor involves aggressively sanding the floor down to bare wood before being polished smooth and having a natural or stain coat added. Once refinished, a properly maintained hardwood floor should last a lifetime.

Maintenance Coats

Maintenance coats are an essential part of making sure your floor last a lifetime. Regardless of how much or little the floor is used, eventually the original finish starts to wear away and exposes raw wood. Once the floor reaches this stage … it’s too late, the whole floor will need a full re-sand. Maintenance coats are usually a one day process and are approximately 3 times cheaper than a full re-sand making it an excellent option to quickly freshen up old floors.

Hardwood Floor Installation

Installing a solid hardwood floor in your home will always be a good investment because this type of floor is always in style and can be repaired, refinished and re-coated multiple times. Our installation process guarantees your floor will look amazing and last a lifetime.


Hardwood floors take a beating over their lifetime. It’s very common to have to repair areas of the floor that have been damaged prior to refinishing. The most common type of repairs are for pet urine stains, dishwasher/fridge leaks and water damage next to external doors or windows. Any type of damage can be repaired.

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